Why Are Automotive Blogs So Popular?

The huge leap the technology has experienced in recent years has brought virtually the entire world only one click away from us. More and more consumers have Internet access in their own homes, which makes it all the more convenient. Those who still don’t have an Internet connection at home, can surf the net at work, for instance. The bottom line is that more and more people all over the world contribute to the popularity and usefulness of the wonder of the twentieth century, the Internet.An even more recent invention is the blog, and its novelty is the possibility on the reader’s part to go beyond reading and make his/her personal comments. The range of subjects followed by blogs is very wide as blogs are user generated, and almost anyone can have their own blog. The interest in blogs goes as far as trying to figure out why people want to have blogs.Car blogs are very popular because there are many car enthusiasts out there who want to find information that’s relevant to their needs. It’s like pursuing a hobby and it makes a lot of sense. If cars are your undying hobby, where would you want to be if not on a car blog, where everything is about cars at any time.An automotive blog is usually structured in such a way that the user will be able to choose the type of information easily. If your looking for specific information, or if you’re just scouting to see what’s the latest news, it’s all there on your automotive blog. Just to give you some idea as to what extent the variety of information on an automotive blog can go, let us tell you this much. If you want to purchase a new car, or change your old car for a newer one, a car blog will most definitely present you the newest car models to suit all tastes and financial possibilities. And they don’t just come with pictures, but with all technical details, and even possible flaws that producers conveniently omit.If you want to find out about alternative fuels, for instance, as more and more drivers are concerned with fuel efficiency, all the information you need is right there, on the car blog. Every driver’s main concern should be the maintenance of his/her car and a car blog will tell you all you need to know about keeping your car in excellent shape. Your driver experience can be compared to unbiased auto testing provided by an automotive blog. You also have access to opinions of people just like yourself, and you can help other people make wise decisions by sharing your opinion. These are just some of the reasons that make a car blog so popular.But how is car blog popularity determined? Permalinks are those that boost the popularity of a car blog, as they show that people are actually reading the content of that particular blog. Thus, the content is deemed as noteworthy or valuable. There are also blogrolls which come from affiliation to a particular car blog, but they are not as indicative of the car blog popularity as permalinks are.

3 Ways Automotive Software Solutions Boost Productivity

Do more with less is the mantra in today’s business world. For a growing number of automotive repair shops, that notion is being realized through the use of mobile automotive software solutions.Similar to how mobile devices are replacing the need for desktop computers, and in the decades before, how computers replaced typewriters, so too are evolutions underway in how mechanics communicate information.The days of tediously writing out lengthy and descriptive repair orders, inspection reports and estimates – are coming to an end. A growing number of repair shops are automating their business operations. That advancement opens the door for the possibility of endless benefits.Save timeRepair shops across the U.S. and beyond are saving time every day, on every customer service, without compromising the way vehicles are serviced and repaired.How do they do it?Instead of spending several minutes per customer jotting down vehicle identification numbers, license plates and more, technicians equipped with a mobile or tablet device can, within seconds, scan VINs, decode license plates and snap photos as part of digital multi-point inspections, estimates, repair orders and more.This process speeds up the multi-point/repair order process, allowing for more time to service additional vehicles.Once mechanics have a diagnosis in hand, or have completed a pre-authorized repair order, notifying a customer is as easy as sending a text or email. Our research has shown a marked decrease in customer response times as compared to reaching out the traditional way, by phone. Customers respond twice as fast when sent a text or email with photos-37 minutes on average as compared to the national average of 1 hour and 17 minutes. Quicker customer responses mean more efficiency and less vehicles being removed from a lift, while waiting to hearing from customers, only to be put back on after approval.Plus, according to a survey conducted by the Pew Research Center’s Internet & American Life Project, nearly one-third of people polled said they preferred receiving text messages to phone calls, while 14 percent said the contact method of choice was dependent upon the situation. For many busy with work and family commitments, a text message is the simplest and quickest mode of communication.Increase accuracy
In addition to saving precious time, mobile automotive software solutions ensure that VIN letters or numbers will not be missed or transposed from technicians hurriedly, or sloppily writing out work orders.Mobile software populates forms with customer and vehicle information seamlessly, reducing the likelihood of incorrect data input and eliminating the need for forms to be filled out more than once.By ensuring that correct information is entered the first time, shop advisers no longer need to have technicians rewrite repair orders, or clarify information.Eliminate redundancy
As well as cutting down on the time it takes to rewrite hard-to-read information, or correct mistakes on inspections and repair orders, wireless mobile technology further reduces time and effort by integrating into the shop management system.Best of all, photographs of VIN numbers and vehicle conditions deliver 100 percent accuracy to a management system.When faced with ways to be more productive, mobile automotive software solutions are a key to that success.

White Hat SEO: A Strategy for Long-Term Success in the Automotive Industry

With automotive businesses highly relying on their websites – i.e., virtual showrooms – to generate sales, they are in need of online marketing strategies that will not only build traffic and generate sales, but will also establish their business in the online market ensuring long-term success.A white-hat SEO strategy is one such strategy that improves the search engine rankings of your website and increases traffic in an ethical way. It includes several techniques such as using SEO strategies that abide by the search engine guidelines, structuring websites so they can be easily crawled by search engine bots, and creating quality content and building popularity online. These strategies are all based on ethical practices and positive attributes, and not by cheating the search engine bots.Practices of white hat SEO
Using good quality content and keywords: Content is one of the key factors considered by search engines to evaluate a site’s quality. The content presented in a site should be unique, fresh, relevant, informative and of high quality. All these things make the content worth reading. Also, it is required to see that your content includes keywords that are relevant to your business and are what your audience is looking for.For instance, if your target audience searches for keywords such as, ‘warranties on used cars’ or ‘authorized dealers for certified pre-owned cars’, then in order for your site to appear in top search engine rankings you must create content on topics such as ‘warranty benefits of purchasing used cars from authorized dealers’, ‘benefits of purchasing certified pre-owned cars’, etc.Internal linking: Internal linking is linking one page of your website to other related pages, which suggests that your site is a comprehensive unit of information. For instance, for the page that has details about your Chevrolet pre-owned models and features, you can give related links of other pages in your website like, ‘benefits of purchasing pre-owned cars’, ‘service offers for pre-owned Chevrolet cars’, etc.As said earlier, information-rich, relevant content always fetches good credentials from the search engines as well as users.Back-linking: Back-linking is a process of getting links from other websites to your website, i.e., allowing your content to be shared or bookmarked by others. This is possible only when your content is of high quality. It is also essential to make sure that the site which has given links to your site is well respected, relevant to your business and is not a spam website that is banned by search engines.Back-links can be generated from reputed article directories (article marketing) in which articles related to your products and services are posted.Filling in tags: It is very much essential to include alt tags, title tags, meta description tags, meta keyword tags for every page of your website as they play a key role in deciding your search engine rankings. All these tags contain content that have page specific and relevant keywords. In other words, these tags summarize the content on the webpages. If these tags have keywords or summaries that are in no way related to the content in the page, then the search engines will consider the website as spam.For instance, if you do not sell spare parts, but add keywords like spare parts seller or genuine spare parts seller in your tags, then your website will be in trouble.Long-term success by building the credibility of your business
Following white hat SEO strategies indicates that you are abiding by the ethical techniques of SEO, thus building your popularity online. Good, valuable, original and informative content not only attracts the search engine rankings, but also the trust of the users, thus, they rely on your website for information. This way, white hat SEO techniques build up your auto business’ credibility in the online space, assuring long-term success.Cost-effective strategy
White hat SEO strategies are inexpensive. They are a natural way of building up your online presence, hence not much technicality or cost is involved. White hat SEO is more about common sense and genuine effort that costs nothing, but can make your online presence strong.With credibility and quality being the main factors that customers take into account when deciding upon an automotive dealer, white hat SEO acts as a perfect marketing strategy, as it is a way of marketing your business. Hence, it is considered as a good long-term marketing investment and also a long-term revenue generating tool.