May 18, 2024

People are wondering why they have to get an automotive insurance policy? You have to for the following reason: first it is in the law that one should have auto insurance, especially if you own a car. Before purchasing a policy one should know the rates and coverage the insurance company has to offer.In order to get the best automotive insurance, you need to get a quote from different companies which you have desired. This is one of the important things you need to do and take note, if ever you have some question, ask and never hesitate to ask since it is your right to know what you want to know regarding their automotive insurance.Insurance companies have also the right to ask question since you want to get a quote for your auto. Most common question asked is the following:What is auto financial responsibility?Where in you have to prove that you are financially able to pay anything which you may be responsible for while you are driving your auto?What policy coverage do you need?Since there are many kind of coverage in auto insurance, you have to choose either the regular auto insurance or you want to add some coverage you think you need it too.Is there anyone aside from you as the policy holders drive your car?You need to include the person who drives your car, wife, son and daughter so that they are included in your coverage of your auto insurance but if you are single and you are the only one who drive your car, then answer them with no.Do you want the minimum policy requirements?The minimum policy required liability as well in every state but as long as you can prove that can afford the financial responsibility when you meet an accident, then you can take automotive insurance without liability, if there is that would be minimal or minimum liability.How is your driving record?This is one of the important requirements they need to know since most of the premium payment is reflected on your driving record for the pass 3 or 5 years depending on the insurance company you have.What you like in your coverage, comprehension or collision?Since there are different between the comprehension and collision, they want to know which one you want. The comprehension coverage means it includes fire and theft while the collision coverage focuses only in collision with another car. If you think both are helpful then you take both.Why does car insurance vary?Since there are different insurance company worldwide and each of the insurance company have their own strategies to gain more consumers and they also weigh their rates depending to your driving records, age of the auto you have and others.Can the insurance company replace the car when you had an accident?Well every individual who have auto or car want to have their car good as new when meet an accident, it is hard to drive a car that has been in an accident. Most of the auto insurance pay the replacement cost only if ever it would make financial sense to repair the auto not unless it is totally lost and cannot be used anymore or stolen and never recovered, then they have to pay the actual cash value of it.These were the few questions which are commonly frequently asked.